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Back in time, the ancient habitants of the island Crete, a highly civilized community, travelled to many, known, places in Mediterranean Sea. They also travelled to Ireland, even to China, from as early as 2.000 years B.C. Historical references provide valuable information about nutrition being at the core of the lives of the Cretans, securely transfered to any new place they visited, along with their products. In the 11th and 8th century B.C., during the great Greek colonization era, the Cretans, but also, many other greek people, established colonies in south Italy, France, even in Spain. The people of ancient Fokea, a city near to Athens, colonized modern Massalia, and they taught the rest of the people in France how to cultivate the vineyard and how to produce olive oil!

Therefore, the greek, and especially cretan diet, prevailed in many places all over the Mediterranean Sea! Throughout the centuries, these nutrition habits became the basis of, what we call, the "Mediterranean diet". This diet is extremely rich in Omega 3 elements, like no other diet in the world. According to a research led by the "Rockefeller Foundation", the most long lived people in the history of humanity, is the people of Crete. The reason for that is the Food. Cretan food contains so many "Omega 3" elements that the majority of this islandic population lives till they're 100 years. Omega 3 can be found in cretan oil, in fish, in a large variety of cretan vegetables and, of course, in walnuts and snails due to the unique composition of the ground in Crete.

Important scientific findings and references are strongly supported by Mrs Artemis Simopoulos, the President of the "Institute for Genetics" of America and author of many books about the value of the "omega diet" and absolutely recommend the "Mediterranean diet" for good health and long life! The producing team is also honoured to have Mrs Simopoulos as the scientific head of the present documentary.

Modern diseases, faced mainly by developed communities, like heart diseases and cancer are, are connected with the food consumed and the importance of the correct nutritional choices, as well as the bad combination of food as a result of lacking knowledge.

The aim of this documentary is to inform people about the benefits of the specific diet and also discover, together with the viewers, how the way thinking and feeling is connected with food. What is also important, of course, is to communicate the way of nutrition as an indicator for the situation of mind and the level of civilization.

We base the script of this special documentary on the dissemination of ancient greek-cretan diet, through commerce and colonization, from Ireland to China in ancient times and we strongly claim that this diet has been transformed into the Mediterranean diet, a known commercial product in our days. Having said that, one can understand that Greece is a very rich country. The content of the documentary wishes to decline any financial prophecy claiming that Greece is poor and moves towards failure. How could that ever be true! The products of Greece are top quality products and because of the Omega 3 elements can be, easily, exportable as a factor of economic development for Greeks and a means for the recovery of Greece in European and international politics. This documentary could also provide the ground for the development of any other country that would wish to adopt the distinguished greek nutrition or to be taught how to cultivate products rich in Omega 3!

Briefly speaking on the plot, the script of this documentary, follows the steps of the ancient cretan merchants and colonials, from their island to Italy, France, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Turkey and above all, to the distant China! Travelling from Greece to all aforementioned places, the producers meet local people and talk about food, cooking, health, weight, but also, about agriculture and modern ways of cultivation and production of energy.

All these are incorporated into the documentary in order to reflect back to those times and learn about the civilization of all ancient colonial cities that Greeks had established. We want the viewers to feel their pulse through their music and traditions that are connected with the deep knowledge of food and the way of living of the Greeks. Emotionally and socially speaking, food has always been an expression of joy and sorrow. It has always been connected with the happy events of life, like marriage and holidays, and connected with mournful events, too.

The "backbone" of this documentary, will be produced by Greece. A very popular greek musician-singer for over a decade, Giannis Ploutarchos, will hold the role of the presenter. Giannis' profile perfectly matches the theme of the documentary as until the age of 22 he had been occupied in agriculture and the products of the earth. He, now, is 40 years old and a father of five children, with an excellent profile and successful career in Greece and abroad and therefore, a great "ambassador" for the purposes of the documentary.

According to the script, we want Giannis to meet, during his trips, national personalities from each country with international exposure, like Monica Belucci in Italy, Daniel Auteuil in France and Queen Sofia of Spain. These personalities will be our guide in the colonial adventures of the ancient Cretan-Greeks in each country.

In that context, we are in the procedure of establishing multilevel coalitions (musical, scientific, media, economic, social, etc.) in every country that this documentary is going to be projected in view of its participation in the festival-markets during 2013-2014. Also, amongst our main targets is the co-production with many global TV Channels together with the introduction of this film in their programs.

We, also, intent to produce an audio CD with the music and the songs to be included in the film, with main singer Giannis Ploutarchos himself, as well as with the participation of the international musicians and singers from all the implicated parts. The co-producer and strategic supporter from Greece is SKAI TV Channel, which is the most significant documentaries producer in Greece.

Due to the special needs rising from the above description, we would like to inform you that we are currently in search of strategic co-producers in order to achieve the best possible execution of this project.


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